Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The singularity is coming...

I've begun re-reading the book Accelerando by Charles Stross. The first half is pretty mind-boggling and fascinating and definitely worth a read if you're into software development, sci-fi and wonder where humanity is going. The latter half falters a bit as the story is trying to wrap itself up, but if you only manage the first part I hope you'll still found it worthwhile.

It resonates well with Ray Kurzweil's talk on TED.com, which I've just watched. Even though the video is old news (being from 2005 and released in 2006) I feel it needs to be spread a bit more. I guess we're not at the point where everyone knows everything new within a few weeks, but I wager that the time for spreading news is shrinking in the same way as everything else. :)

If you haven't heard about universal exponential growth or the singularity: watch the talk and, if you fell intrigued, read the book. Period.
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