Monday, June 22, 2009

Lava lamp USB board assembly pictures

Here's some pictures of the assembly process. It went reasonably well, but making sure you have big enough drills beforehand helps a bit. :)

Here's how the board looks before assembly:

First, check that the circuit board fix in plastic box. Tight fit. :)

Drill holes for 230V mains (in/out) and USB cable: (Had to use a knife to make the hole for the USB-B connector fit, as it is slightly asymmetric. Luckily, the plastic was very easy to work with.)

Drilled for circuit board with USB connector in place (avoids misalignment):

Prepare cables:

Do the wiring (and remember to pull the cables through the holes in the box first):

Fit the wired circuit board in the box, make sure all cables go inside and put tie-wraps on the cables to secure against mechanical stress:

Here's the box with the lid on:

Ta-daaa. :)

As you can see, I currently only use one relay. It's of course possible to use all four, but that requires more drilling and wiring, and more lava lamp shelf space. :)

Always leave room for upgrades, I say. ;)
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