Thursday, March 12, 2009

My BuildBotIcon app now hosted on BitBucket

I've uploaded my BuildBotIcon app to!

It's a small java app that polls a buildmaster and changes the color of an icon in the java tray depending on the status. It also alerts when statuses change so you notice it a bit more.

I wrote it 1,5 years ago and published the jar-file on BuildBot's mail-list, but I decided to put it up as a proper project tonight, just for fun.

Bitbucket and Github are both greats hosting sites for open source projects. Very easy to use, very fast (compared to SourceForge) and they use DVCS:es both. I like Mercurial more, so I opted for Bitbucket.

On a related note, my work with patches for BuildBot on Github is apparently going fairly well, as I was just promoted to contributor with commit rights to the current 'official' BuildBot repository. (Dustin Mitchell's master branch).

On a related related note, Github's network feature is cool, if you like graphs. See mine here.

Oh, I also hang out a bit at
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